Believe it or not, one of the ways that I differentiate myself is that I tell the truth to every single one of my clients. I will provide you with truthful information and allow you to make an educated decision. You’re probably thinking, “well how does that make you different?” You’d be surprised just how many realtors will go into a potential clients home and just tell them whatever they want to hear to lock them into a 6 month listing agreement. I take the same approach with every single client I work with, I tell them what they need to hear, which isn’t necessarily what they want to hear but you can rest assure you’re getting the truth from me.

Sometimes the truth means that I have to turn down representing a client because they have unrealistic expectations. Will another agent go into their home after me and take the listing? Absolutely. The reason is because most agents do not put any time or money into marketing their client’s homes, so they’ll list anything they can get their hands on. As a professional real estate agent, I put substantial time and money into marketing my client’s homes so I have to limit myself to realistic clients to provide top-notch service.

When homeowners invite me over they often ask, what really makes me unique and it comes down to five specific things.

  1. Sales to List Price Ratio – My sales to list price ratio is one of the highest in the entire state of NJ. Currently my sales to list price ratio is nearly 105%. In other words, on average my clients homes sell for 5% ABOVE asking price. I spend a lot of time and money uniquely marketing my client’s homes and I am able to create substantial interest in their homes leading to unprecedented results.
  2. Top 1% of Realtors in NJ Sales Volume – As I always tell my cleints, “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t!
  3. Unconditional Release from Listing Agreements – If you’re not happy with my service just give me a call and I will give you an unconditional release on our listing agreement. This is something that no other brokers will do for you. They will lock you into a 6-month listing agreement and not allow you to cancel the agreement and go with another broker until 6 months later, even if you are not satisfied with their service. I truly believe that high quality service should be expected in every business relationship and if you feel that your agent is not providing that to you, you should be able to get out without any conditions.
  4. Professionally Licensed Home Stager – On top of my marketing efforts, I take time to prep my clients homes and get them in top showing condition. This is a huge part in the process to selling a home. When you call me and want to work with me, unlike most agents I’m not just going to come over have you sign some papers and take a few pictures. I am going to take the time to stage your house and bring out a professional photographer to make sure that you get top dollar.
  5. Youngest Licensed Real Estate Instructor in US History – My knowledge of the industry is second to none. I am the editor of the #1 selling real estate book in all of NJ, Principles and Practices of New Jersey Real Estate. If you have any questions about what is going on in the industry, any new strategies being implemented by licensees, feel free to ask me. I will be able to tell you what is working vs. what is not working.